Aircraft Hanger Concrete Cracking

Service TypePolyurethane Concrete Lifting
LocationVilleneuve Airport
Client ProblemThe owner of this aircraft hangar was getting lots of cracking the concrete apron outside of the building. Poor drainage and had washed out most the base under the pad along the entire length of the hangar. This lack of support became clear when long rows of cracks became to form parallel to the building. Despite the cracking the concrete was yet to sink.
Building Entrance Bump

Service TypePolyurethane Concrete Lifting
LocationCentral - Edmonton
Client ProblemOur clients entrance into their building had developed quite the “bump” under the carpet and was creating a serious tripping hazard. We pulled back the carpet and discovered the concrete slab had cracked and sunk up to 4”.
Commercial Building Lifting

Service TypePolyurethane Concrete Lifting
LocationEast - Edmonton
Client ProblemOur client had recently bought a large commercial building and was renovating to suit their manufacturing operations. A large section of the floor (200’x20’) had sunk towards the outside wall up to 4 inches and was unsuitable to build on.