Concrete Coatings & Polishing

Airport Epoxy Coating

Service TypeEpoxy Coating
LocationCommercial Airport
Client ProblemThe aircraft hangar floor was easily stained, and difficult to keep clean. Over the years the floor had become dull and had started to “dust”.
Commercial/Warehouse Polishing

Service TypeConcrete Polishing
Client ProblemThe owner of this commercial/warehouse was looking for an effective way to fix the concrete floor of this nearly 40,000 sq. ft. space It had become pitted, cracked and rough over the years (30 plus). The current state of the floor made it difficult to run forklifts and pallet jacks smoothly over the floor.
Ice District Design Studio

Service TypeConcrete Polishing
LocationEdmonton Ice District Downtown
Client ProblemOur client is opening a design studio and wanted a natural floor to suite the décor. Many layers of thin set, mastic and glue covered the floor that were up to 30+ years old.
Painted Floor Removal

Service TypeConcrete Polishing
LocationWest Edmonton
Client ProblemThe painted floor has been peeling over the years and regular re-coating only made the problem worse. We were asked to provide a new floor surface option that would brighten the room and reflect light, be easy to clean and maintain.
Polished Office

Service TypeConcrete Polishing
LocationLeduc, Alberta
Client Problem

Our client, who is in the concrete supply and construction business, had built a new facility office and needed a low maintenance durable floor that would represent their business.

Restaurant Polish

Service TypePolished Concrete
LocationSouth Edmonton
Client ProblemOur client was opening a new restaurant and wanted a natural surface floor that reflected light and was easy to clean. The existing floor did not meet the criteria as it was.
Shell Aero Center

Service TypeConcrete Polishing
LocationEdmonton International Airport
Client ProblemThe client wanted a durable and low maintenance decorative floor for their airport hanger lobby.
Warehouse Coating

Service TypeEpoxy Coating
LocationWest Edmonton
Client ProblemOur client had moved into a new warehouse and found the floor to be rough, constantly dirty and hard to clean. Because the area is used for packaging products it needed to be smooth easy to clean, durable and able to handle forklift traffic.