Directory: Featured Projects 

Building Entrance Bump

Service TypePolyurethane Concrete Lifting
LocationCentral - Edmonton
Client ProblemOur clients entrance into their building had developed quite the “bump” under the carpet and was creating a serious tripping hazard. We pulled back the carpet and discovered the concrete slab had cracked and sunk up to 4”.
Commercial Building Lifting

Service TypePolyurethane Concrete Lifting
LocationEast - Edmonton
Client ProblemOur client had recently bought a large commercial building and was renovating to suit their manufacturing operations. A large section of the floor (200’x20’) had sunk towards the outside wall up to 4 inches and was unsuitable to build on.
Commercial/Warehouse Polishing

Service TypeConcrete Polishing
Client ProblemThe owner of this commercial/warehouse was looking for an effective way to fix the concrete floor of this nearly 40,000 sq. ft. space It had become pitted, cracked and rough over the years (30 plus). The current state of the floor made it difficult to run forklifts and pallet jacks smoothly over the floor.
Condo Settlement Fix

Service TypePolyurethane Concrete Lifting
LocationSherwood Park, Alberta
Client ProblemThis condo developer was having major settlement issues! The landscaping had settled over a foot from when it was installed. This created very large voids under walkways and driveways in the development. The concrete hadn’t settled as it was reinforced to the foundation with rebar. However we know from experience that the rebar alone cannot hold the concrete in place for the long term without support from under the pad. Over time this concrete was going to settle and crack.
Driveway Bump

Service TypePolyurethane Concrete Lifting
LocationSherwood Park, Edmonton
Client ProblemThe clients driveway had settled straight along the garage. There was now a bump between the driveway and garage that the homeowner needed fixed.
Office Space

Service TypePolyurethane Concrete Lifting
LocationWestern Alberta
Client ProblemThe owner of this retail/office building was experiencing major settlement along an exterior wall. The whole are sloped towards the wall, abut 3-4”, and appeared to be getting worst.
Residential Driveway Lift

Service TypePolyurethane Concrete Lifting
LocationWest Edmonton
Client ProblemThe left side of our clients driveway had sunk and created a large bump that made a thud when driving into his garage.
Settled Driveway

Service TypePolyurethane Concrete Lifting
LocationSherwood Park, AB
Client ProblemPoor soil conditions in the area have resulted in a settled driveway that had gradually sunk 2” over the past several years.
Shell Aero Center

Service TypeConcrete Polishing
LocationEdmonton International Airport
Client ProblemThe client wanted a durable and low maintenance decorative floor for their airport hanger lobby.
Sunken Driveway

Service TypePolyurethane Concrete Lifting
LocationAthabasca, Alberta
Client ProblemThis client’s driveway into their Bodyshop had sunk at the bay entrance 3-4”. Poor drainage and compaction seemed to be to blame! They were using rubber mats to minimize the effect on the cars but needed a more permanent solution.