How Long Does it Take to Polish Concrete?

The polishing process can be completed in as few as 2-3 days depending on the area size, amount of rock being exposed and amount of edging. We can polish floors efficiently from 500 -250,000 square feet.

Is Polished Concrete Stain Resistant?

Yes, we seal all finished polished floors that allow time to clean up spills and accidents. We have many sealer options that can perform in all environments.

Is Polished Concrete Expensive?

Polished concrete floor costs are generally lower than most other types of flooring. Factors that can influence prices are access to area, how many obstacles we will need to hand polish around and how big the areas is. We work efficiently to keep costs low and value high!

Is Polished Concrete Hard To Maintain?

No. Polished floors are simple and easy to clean. With every polished floor we include a floor maintenance guide with instructions on how to care for your floor. Polished concrete has the lowest cost of maintenance when compared to all other types of flooring.

Is Polished Concrete Slippery?

Generally, no, a common misconception if that a shine makes polished concrete slippery. Polished concrete can have a slightly better slip coefficient than regular concrete.

What about dust?

Some stages of polishing are completed “wet” and do not create dust. For dry polishing steps, all machines are connected to specialized concrete vacuums with heapa filters to virtually eliminate airborne dust. Additional air scrubbers are often used to aid in maintaining clean air.

Can All Concrete Be Polished?

Most slabs can be polished providing they are structurally sound. We will repair defects and fill holes and voids as part of the process.