Polyurethane Concrete Lifting/ Mudjacking

Referred to as polyjacking, mudjacking, slabjacking or pressure grouting, Polyurethane Concrete Lifting/Leveling allows us to raise and stabilize sunken concrete back to its original level.

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By using a high quality polyurethane, instead of slurry (mudjacking), we can offer long lasting results, with fantastic lifting accuracy, all at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our process involves drilling a series of small holes through the concrete then the polyurethane is injected below the slab, first filling all the voided space and then raising the slab to the desired height. After the process is complete all the holes are patched with cement.

Polyurethane concrete lifting offers something that mudjacking never could. The ability to make concrete lifting nearly invisible! Our extremely small holes are only 3/8". Even though advances in mudjacking have brought their hole size down close to 1" polyurethane still has another added advantage to the smaller holes...there are fewer of them! Perfect for stamped concrete these small holes can blend into faux grout lines saving you thousands of dollars in replacing high-end stamped concrete.

What can Polyurethane Concrete Lifting/Leveling repair?

Bump at Garage
Drop at Steps
Under Slab Voids
Trip Hazards
Sinking Towards Foundation

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