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Concrete Surface Prep Glue & Paint Removal

A critical part of our installations is the surface preparation. No matter if your floor is new or old there are contaminants that need to be eliminated before coatings installation. We can remove layers of glue, mastic and paint quickly and efficiently

Correct surface profile creates a mechanical bond to ensure a long service life. Our surface prep methods include diamond grinding, shot blasting, and scarification.


  • Diamond grinding
  • Concrete Shotblasting and surface prep
  • Commercial and residential
  • Dustless grinding with Hepa filters
  • Crack grinding and sealing
  • Trip hazard elimination

What is Concrete Surface Prep?

This is the process of getting a concrete slab prepared and ready to accept a coating.

Why is Concrete surface pre important?

Creating a surface profile and removing contaminants creates a mechanical bond between the slab and coating.

Is Concrete Surface Prep dusty?

We use high CFM vacuums with Hepa filters to minimize and contain airborne dust.

Why would you choose shot blasting for Concrete Surface Prep?

Shot blasting will reach below surface irregularities and voids that grinding will pass over. The concrete profile can be adjusted to suite the requirements of concrete coatings.

Does shot blasting clean dust from the concrete?

Yes, this happened as part of the blast process.

Is it important to have a dust free surface after prep?

Yes. If you are installing a coating, any contaminants will interfere with the concrete to coating bond.