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Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing is an environmentally responsible process that creates a unique one-of-a-kind surface. Polished floors are extremely durable, provide enhance light reflectivity, are easy to clean and require the lowest maintenance compared to all other types of flooring.

Concrete Coatings

Let us create a beautiful usable space out of your lifeless gray concrete and give you the added value with the protection of polyaspartic, polyurethane and Epoxy Flooring.

Concrete Surface Prep Glue & Paint Removal

A critical part of our installations is the surface preparation. No matter if your floor is new or old there are contaminants that need to be eliminated before coatings installation. We can remove layers of glue, mastic and paint quickly and efficiently.

Edmonton, Alberta

Latest Projects

Concrete coatings and polishing is an effective way to protect and beautify concrete surfaces. With a wide range of options and finishes available, they can help to enhance the appearance and functionality of any space. Check out Some of our latest concrete projects.