Concrete Resources


Historic Building Polishing Restoration

Edmonton, AB Historic Building Polishing Restoration This building had many layers of old flooring that were removed to reveal the original concrete floor. This slab had much damage that was carefully repaired to match the unique aggregate used long ago in the original concrete mix. Multiple processes and polishing steps […]

Old Warehouse Concrete Polishing

Edmonton, AB Old Warehouse Concrete Polishing This Industrial warehouse and office had badly damaged concrete, covered in many old layers of flooring and paint. After paint was removed from the rear warehouse floor, concrete was ground and polished to increase strength, durability, light reflection and provide and easy to clean […]

Industrial Concrete Surface Prep & Glue Removal

Edmonton, AB Industrial Concrete Surface Prep & Glue Removal Surface preparation, glue & contaminant removal are completed through careful processes of diamond grinding, scraping, and shot-blasting. This process is often completed prior to polishing or coating concrete slabs. we are able to efficiently remove all types of material back down […]

Airport Hanger Epoxy Coating

Edmonton, AB Airport Epoxy Coating The aircraft hangar floor was easily stained, and difficult to keep clean. Over the years the floor had become dull and had started to “dust”. Mechanically diamond grind the concrete surface and repair all cracks, defects and holes. Our solution was to install a deep […]